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Tenants information and terms & conditions to rent a property from City Lord Ltd.

Identify a Property to Rent

Prospective tenants should view any property they wish to consider whereafter they can submit an application to rent. All properties are available on Assured Shorthold Agreements for a minimum of six months. Longer periods can be agreed by separate negotiation.

Prospective tenants applying to rent a property are required to pay an application fee, sometimes referred to as an administration charge, to cover the costs of referencing the tenant/s, preparing the tenancy agreement and protection and registering of the deposit. This fee is as follows:

  • Single Applicant – East, West, North & South London - £250.00
  • Two Applicants – East, West, North & South London - 1 week rent
  • Three or More Applicants – East, West, North & South London - 1 week rent
  • Central London Property Applicants - Depends on Property Price & Applicant’s agreement.

The Application Fees paid in respect of a tenancy application are non refundable and will be forfeited in the event the tenant/s decides to withdraw their application and/or fail the referencing process. The fees have been paid by the prospective tenant to City Lord Ltd in order for the application to rent a property to be processed. In the event the application does not proceed and the tenant elects to rent an alternative property through City Lord Ltd, a new application fee will need to be paid. Should the Landlord decide at any time after the application fee has been paid that he/she does not wish to rent the property to the applicant and providing the applicant/s pass referencing, City Lord Ltd will reimburse the application fee to the tenant/s or waive them in respect of a new application on an alternative property through City Lord Ltd. For Student tenants, you will need a guarantor. The guarantor will also be referenced and will also be named on the Tenancy Agreement and be required to sign the Tenancy Agreement. If a guarantor cannot be provided, the tenant can choose to pay rent in advance; however this is subject to agency’s approval.

All applicants will be required to produce identification before a tenancy is completed. We require photographic ID (passport or driver’s licence) together with a recent utility bill or bank statement as proof of address.

Secure your Chosen Rental Property and Remove it from the Market

You can, if you choose, reserve your chosen property and remove it from the market as soon as an agreement is reached and before references are completed by making a non refundable advance rental payment that is equivalent to 50% of the monthly rent. This will be in addition to the application fee. This will be used to contribute towards the first month’s rent, is a non refundable payment and will be forfeited should the applicant withdraw their application or fail in the referencing process, or is not in a position to complete the tenancy on or before the agreed date as detailed in the Notification of Letting. Assuming the application to rent proceeds to a successful conclusion, these monies will form part of the first month’s rental payment. Those tenants who elect not to part pay the reservation payment with the application fees will be advised by the Letting Consultant and/or the Letting Administrator that the property will remain available to the open market for viewings and may risk an alternative tenant being considered by the Landlord.

Properties are offered for rent either fully furnished or not furnished, but the latter properties usually have at least carpets and curtains. However, the degree to which properties are furnished varies dramatically, and prospective tenants should be encouraged to discuss their specific requirements as to whether they are seeking a fully furnished or non furnished property. In certain instances landlords may be prepared to provide additional items of furniture or appliances.


An inventory will be prepared by either the landlord or an inventory clerk detailing the fixtures and fittings in the property together with their condition. You will be required to sign a schedule of condition confirming that you agree with the inventory and the comments regarding condition. This inventory will also be used at the check-out to assess any damage or dilapidations to the property. With allowances made for fair wear and tear, any damage noted or cleaning required will be charged to the outgoing tenant. It is therefore strongly advised that you check through the inventory carefully and ensure that you are in agreement with it. Upon receipt of the inventory you will give 48 hours to make any further comments. If we do not hear back from you within this time it will be assumed that you are in agreement with the comments in the inventory. Should a further copy be required of the inventory then there will be a charge of £50.00

Household Bills / Expenses

All tenancies are exclusive of utility bills, water rates, gas, electric, council tax, telephone charges, TV licence and a tenant’s own personal effects/contents insurance (unless otherwise stated) and tenants will be responsible for payment. Where City Lord Ltd manages a property, we will advise the various suppliers of your occupancy; however tenants must contact the suppliers in order to set up an account and contact local council to pay council tax.


Garden maintenance will usually be the responsibility of the tenant unless otherwise stated.

Payment of Rent

Rent is payable monthly and in advance. Tenants will be required to establish a standing order arrangement with the landlord or managing agent’s bankers.

Domestic Pets

Domestic pets are not permitted except if agreed in writing and it is usual for an additional security deposit to be held. The carpets must be professionally cleaned, sanitized, deodorized and anti bacteria / flea treated on vacating the property. The original invoice must be supplied to confirm this has been done. If evidence is not supplied to this effect, City Lord Ltd or the landlord will arrange for this to be carried out and the cost deducted from your deposit.


Smoking is not permitted in a property.

You will be informed at the start of your tenancy who will be managing the property and given contact details. Many landlords have service contracts and preferred contractors. If the landlord is managing the property any maintenance issues must be reported direct to the landlord. Failure to do so may mean that you are liable for any deterioration or damage resulting from any delay. You must not instruct a contractor to undertake any work – if you do it will be at your own expense. If City Lord Ltd is managing the property any maintenance issues must be reported to us directly. Please note that we will endeavour to address maintenance issues as soon as possible and emergency repairs will be addressed within 24 hours. We always request that our contractors contact you direct to obtain access to the property.

Important Information for Tenants

If you are a Tenant in a Property Managed by City Lord, please note we do not offer a 24 hour management service. Our Property Management Departments London Office operates Monday to Friday 9.30am to 6.00pm. Outside of these hours tenants may wish to organise their own emergency remedies by calling the appropriate utility providers or the emergency services.

Contents Insurance

If you would like further information on contents insurance please contact your Letting Consultant.

NOTE – Tenants are reminded that the costs for any repairs they commission will need to be approved by the Property Management Department before they can be deducted from rent or reimbursed to tenants. By instructing your own repairs prior to obtaining this consent (even through our approved contractor) you run the risk of not being reimbursed if the Landlord concludes the cost of the repairs are excessive or that the Landlord is not liable for them.

Please consider whether this repair can wait until the Property Management Department next opens.

The vast majority of property issues can wait until the next day when you will be able to contact your Property Manager and Email us on

Please contact to your local branch for further information

City Lord Ltd always appreciates customer’s feedback that will help us to improve our service to our valued clients.

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